Burn Barrel Pick-Up


The village now prohibits burn barrels in the Village.

Per Sec. 22-11. – Burning of grass and trash.

(a)     Grass fires. No person shall kindle any grass fire within the village without first securing permission from the fire chief. The fire chief has authority, when and if issuing such a permit, to subject same to any conditions for the protection of life and property.

(b)     Trash burning restricted. No person shall kindle or cause to be kindled any fire in or upon any street, alley, public way, or any public property within the village.

(c)     Burn barrels.

(1)   Burn barrels are prohibited.

(2)   Defined. The term “burn barrels” means any open or unconfined container, including, but not limited to, a 55-gallon drum, that is used to burn or incinerate household refuse, plastics, garbage, treated or painted wood, oily substances, or other materials that are not recyclable.

(d)     Leaf burning. Leaf burning is allowed in the village in the yard of the residence in which the leaves fall.

(Code 1994, § 9.12; Ord. No. 5-98, § 1, 4-6-1998; Ord. No. 9-2013, 12-2-2013)


Village employees will be picking up burn barrels per resident request. If you’d like to have your

barrel picked up and disposed of, please contact the Village office at (920) 994-4852 by Friday,

October 20th. Thank you.